Food logistics

R.M.I. Logistic Management offers fully integrated multimodal transportation solutions for the shipment of bulk food (compatible) products, with a diverse fleet of equipment manufactured to maximize a variety of products. Our tank containers have a capacity between 17,500 up to 38,000 litres, with various specifications such as working pressure, heating solutions, insulation, single-compartments and baffles.

R.M.I. Logistic Management has the expertise to expedite all of your global formalities and transportation needs. Stock control of products in transit, the so-called 'floating stock', is one of our specialties.

Offering customized logistic solutions belongs to the core activities of R.M.I. Logistic Management. These solutions embrace all aspects of supply chain management from pre-production to dispatch and final delivery.

Your Benefits

  • Quality assured transport
  • Dedicated equipment
  • Customized logistic solutions
  • Intermodal solutions in order of our responsible care
  • Having a reliable business partner

Our Services

  • In- and outside cleaning
  • Depot and (hazardous goods) terminal
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Overseas transport