Working for R.M.I.

The Company

R.M.I. Global Logistic Services is a family business with a no-nonsense attitude and a casual work environment. The company started in 1997 with four employees and has in recent years undergone a growth to 60 employees. We want to further expand the coming years. 
Personal touch and respect for each other is still an important value in our company.


Working at R.M.I. means a lot of responsibility and creativity. Personal development within the field is stimulated. The HR department is looking in consultation for the right training.


New R.M.I. colleagues are first offered an introduction. For a week they get to know all departments of the company to have a good impression on what’s goes on at the office.
Each department is headed by an manager who will guide the new colleagues through the new work job  as well as IT systems. There the new employee receives a brief introduction about (tank) containers. This introduction is experienced as very pleasant.

After the introduction follows a training period of three months. This period ends with a review what has gone well and has not gone well. This is then followed by a yearly evaluation.


Demand for interns is regular at R.M.I. Global Logistic Services. We are especially looking for third-and fourth-year students Port Logistics (HBO and MBO), but also for IT students. A number of our employees started as a trainee and stayed with at our company.
We are an recognized and approved learning company for Port Logistics, Planning and ICT. For the internships we maintain close contact with the Shipping and Transport College (STC) Rotterdam.
HBO-students are welcome to inquire. For an internship


Please contact HR.